The baby elephant saved the life of a little girl: they met again 12 years later in the sweetest moment

In Thailand, on the island of Phuket, there is a city with the same name and which is the capital of the province of Phuket.

In 2004, there was a baby elephant there who was still living there after twelve years. That year, a very strong tsunami occurred in Thailand and several people were injured.

At that time, an 8-year-old girl, Amber, was resting in Phuket with her family.

Every morning, to go to the beach, the little girl rode on a baby elephant that her owner took to the hotel.

Amber really liked this little elephant and for her it was the most pleasant moments.

Ning-Nong had also already gotten used to the little girl and each time he seemed to be happy. But, one day, the little animal was nervous and very worried.

Suddenly, people resting by the sea saw the water receding from its edges. A few ran to collect shells. However, the water very quickly began to rise.

Ning-Nong, who was walking with Amber, suddenly fled from the beach, carrying the little girl on his back. He didn’t even pay attention to his owner’s cries.

The little elephant ran towards the hotel through the growing waters. During these years, Amber never forgot her savior.

When she grew up, she shared this story on the Internet and decided to find her adorable Ning Nong.

And it was not difficult to find it in Phuket, because elephants are registered there. Fortunately, Ning Nong had managed to escape from the tsunami.

After 12 years, Amber and Ning Nong met. It was already an adult and sociable elephant.

Many people who learned Amber’s story also wanted to meet the wise and courageous elephant.

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