The story of an unlikely friendship: a little girl and a duck form an unimaginable friendship and are inseparable

It’s a story of an unlikely friendship: a little girl from Freeport, USA, and a duck struck up an unimaginable friendship and were inseparable ever since.

Before, the Brown family did not imagine that a bird could be a companion animal. But the duck has become their little Kylie’s best friend.

A few years ago, Kylie Brown, then a six-year-old girl, had befriended the duck and tamed it so much that the little duck thought the little girl was its mother.

In 2016, they became national television celebrities.

Kylie called it Snowflake which means snowflake. Snowflake has become an irreplaceable friend to her and also a true family member.

Snowflake refused to live in the backyard and wanted to be next to her little owner everywhere and all the time.

The girl’s parents made a special diaper for the stubborn duck to live in their home.

Kalye and Snowflake did everything together, they ate and played together, watched TV, walked in the park, and swam in the pond.

Even on Halloween, they went trick-or-treating together. And when Kylie visited a friend, the duck was always with her.

Snowflake only obeyed its owner. When she called him, the bird answered her.

Kylie’s parents and other children in the family accepted this touching attachment. The girl herself refused to leave the house without Snowflake.

The water bird has become a real pet for Kylie and her siblings. He helped them fall asleep.

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