How this 13-year-old built a tiny house from scratch for Just $1,500

Have you ever heard the expression “only boring people are bored”?

One summer afternoon, 13-year-old Luke Till became bored and decided he didn’t want to be a boring person.

His talent below

It was then that he had the brilliant idea of ​​spending his free time building his own house. Luke recently became fascinated with the concept of tiny houses and decided to build one from scratch in his parents’ backyard.

I like minimalism and wanted to have my own house without having to take out a huge mortgage.” After about a year, the 1.5 square meter house was completed.

How This 13-Year-Old Built a Tiny House From Scratch for Just $1,500

The total construction cost was less than $1,500. 75% of materials were recycled. Where does the $1,500 come from?

Luke raised the money by mowing the lawn and doing other household chores.

Besides fundraising and purchasing parts, Luke made all the major financial decisions, did most of the physical work, and even learned how to frame and wire the house.

How This 13-Year-Old Built a Tiny House From Scratch for Just $1,500

The house is fully wired for electricity, but does not yet have plumbing. But Luke has a plan to fix it. I’m going to save money and expand,” says Luke.

One day, he plans to build a bigger mobile home so he can go to college. During construction, Luke created a YouTube channel to document the process.

In the video below, Luke walks his followers through the building process and gives them a tour of his home. An admirable feat!

How This 13-Year-Old Built a Tiny House From Scratch for Just $1,500

Despite the attention paid to his home (he was recently invited to speak at a special tiny house convention), Luke remains humble and grateful to his father.

“My father and I became very close throughout the process. ……My father was very busy, but he made sure to spend time with me.” Looks like their efforts have paid off!

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