During catastrophic flooding a heroic dog saves a stranger’s life that was drowning

Our dogs are a precious part of our life. But sometimes it happens that stranger dogs also become precious and appreciated for us.

Lately, there was tragic flooding in Humphreys County, Tennessee that left 22 lives and 12 missings.

As a result of the flood, many people remained without houses. Also, many dogs have temporarily lost their owners.

A protective dog named Cooper is the hero of this story. He saved a life of a complete stranger man.

The man was trying to cling to a pole after being caught in the 17-inch rainfall when Cooper swam to the man and stayed beside him. The smart dog provided extra support and helped the man to hang on for a long time.

After the danger passed, Cooper was taken to an animal clinic. The owners of the heroic dog saw a post on social media about Cooper.

They were told about the kind deed of their dog. It turned out that the man that Cooper saved is an autistic person.

Soon, the dog was reunited with his family. These people should be proud of Cooper – a dog that saved the life of a strange man!

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