Orphaned elephant builds a special friendship with the playful Labrador Retriever

Elephants are kind and affectionate animals. They love peace and restful life. But sometimes their life experience may turn them into reserved and unsociable creatures.

That’s about Bubbles that now shares a special bond with the Golden Retriever Bella. These two live in Beach Safari, Southern California.

You can admire their friendship for hours and don’t get tired.

They love spending time playing games in the water. Bella’s highest and safest seat on the whole planet is Bubbles. The dog adores sitting on the back of the giant. They surely spend a meaningful and fun time together.

Bubbles is a 32 years old African elephant. When the animal was a baby, her parents were killed for their tusks. So the poor calf got preserved and for many years didn’t make friends.

The 3 years old young Bella was able to make Bubbles smile again and enjoy her life. Now the joyful elephant weighs 9 tons and is 9 ft high.

This uncommon friendship was spread on social media. Numerous people reacted to the friendship with warm comments! This is the power of friendship that doesn’t recognize a species or age!

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