Only 1 out of 10 manages to find the hare in the picture: if you succeed, you are very intelligent.

Tests and riddles are a great way to spend time and keep our minds trained.

How often do we come across them on the internet or in a newspaper?

Certainly, many times. So, while searching for the solution, time passes.

In fact, besides being great for passing the time, they are also good for training our brains to make connections and reason.

For this reason, it is highly recommended, especially for people of a certain age, to keep themselves constantly trained with riddles.

We can easily find them on the internet or buy a newspaper at the newsstand where they are available.

There are many types: crosswords, puzzles, sudoku, and similar images but with some differences to find.

Lately, on the web, riddles have become widely spread where the goal is to find a certain object, person, or animal.

Although it may seem easy, it is not: few are the people who can find the solution right away, and some don’t find it at all.

This is because it is an optical illusion designed to deceive our vision.

To find the solution, we must therefore reason carefully and sharpen our sight.

Optical illusions are made to deceive our gaze and hide small things in plain sight.

In this test, you will need to find the hare.

The minimum time is less than a minute while many can find it in just a few seconds, about 8.

This depends both on everyone’s vision, which can be sharper or less sharp, and on their IQ.

There are people who have a higher IQ and are quicker to find the solution.

If you haven’t found the solution yet, we’ll give it to you!

It’s a green hare hidden among the bushes, to the left of the hunter.

Obviously, the animal blends in well because of its color and escapes the sight.

Now that you have the answer, you can propose it to your friends and relatives!

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