Find the 5 differences between the two monkeys in 7 seconds. Only 1% can do it.

The challenge we present to you today involves a very cute and intuitive visual test, but only 1% of people can solve it.

In the depicted image, there are two monkeys that at first glance seem identical but actually differ in 5 details.

Can you find them in 7 seconds?

Today’s test is certainly not one of the most complicated, but the real difficulty lies in finding the 5 differences in a very short time, namely 7 seconds.

So, with a stopwatch in hand, let the game begin.

This exercise is highly sought after among web users as a pastime, along with various puzzles, crosswords, and intelligence tests that are also published on social media.

People enjoy challenging themselves and testing their abilities to find new stimuli while keeping their minds sharp.

That’s precisely the purpose of the game: to continually increase one’s intellectual abilities.

In cases like this, concentration is key.

Simply observe the photo carefully, and you will discover the 5 differences between the two cute monkeys.

Did you manage to find them in 7 seconds?

If you’re not yet adept at finding differences in such a short time, we’ll provide the solution for now.

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