If you can find the differences between the two images, you are very intelligent.

Here we are again with the proposal of a visual test, simple but at the same time captivating.

A test that, in this case, focuses on a specific type of challenge: finding and identifying the differences in the provided images.

First of all, let us reassure you that today’s puzzle should not be particularly difficult.

Can you identify the differences in the two figures? Go ahead, start and test yourself.

In today’s test photo, you can see in the foreground an image featuring two joyful girls standing in front of appetizing dishes.

The charming girl seems very amused and happy to be in front of a truly inviting lunch.

If you take a quick look at both figures, some small differences that are actually there may escape you and not be at all obvious.

The challenge of the test is simply this: to be able to find the differences present in the two proposed images.

To complicate the game a little, we won’t tell you the exact number of differences.

The time available for solving the test is just a handful of seconds.

You won’t need more since the puzzle is not particularly difficult.

You could, with a stopwatch, challenge friends or family to find out who among you is the fastest.

What we can advise you is to observe the images several times, in a precise and detailed manner.

It’s the details of the figure that should not be overlooked but observed meticulously.

This is the so-called “at a glance” test, and we are sure you will not find particular difficulty in solving it.

However, if you really couldn’t, don’t worry: we are ready to reveal the correct solution below.

Surely, you will be more skillful and fortunate next time.

In the highlighted photo below, you can finally see what the differences were in the images.

Specifically, it was about carefully observing the little girl’s pigtails.

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