The cat saw a little bird and dragged it to the two pensioners house to help it

This is a very unhappy story and very good example for the people who do not want to help any animal in bad condition.

The two old people lived with the cat more then fifteen years and named her Paramon.The cat liked her owners and liked to go to the river with hiis fishmanger owner.On that bright day Paramon was very ill but could not stay at home.That day paramon went out without the old man and stayed out very long as they thought that she was elder then would not come back any more.

But as a surprise paramon came back the next day and not alone.She brought a little and strange bird with her.The birds wing was harmed.The bird liveed with them too.
They cured his wing and time to time Paramon ran to the cats box with its very friendly manner.In spring it was a very very beautiful bird .

The old man took the bird to the river and made a big birdbox for it.In the river the bird found the second one with whome flew to the warm sight of the world.

Paramon was very sad but in the surprise in summer the two birds came back again.

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