A disabled teenager approaches a pianist and he is stunned to see her pick up a cello; music is my medicine

‼️Love for the music has no limits!

The magic girl, named Emilio, proves it so well‼️

His amazing performance makes noise in public. See here⏬⏬

Nothing compares to the magic of music. A pianist, who calls himself Emilio Piano on social networks, knows this well. His account is full of performances that he gave alone or with others.

One of his most popular videos shows a disabled teenager who is a master cello player.

At the start of the video, Emilio is seen playing the piano in an airport. Shortly after the end of a song, a young girl in a wheelchair approaches. Confident, she asks the pianist if he wants to play something together.

With the help of Emilio’s cello teacher, the three prepare to give an impromptu performance that is sure to amaze everyone.

In fact, as soon as they start playing, the airport becomes remarkably quiet, with all eyes on them.

Disabled teenager plays cello in airport

This 17-year-old girl, whose name is Valentina, suffers from a rare muscular condition. She finds much hope and joy in music, and later tells Emilio that “music is my medicine.”

As usual, this kind of impromptu performance reminds people of the power of music, as well as the beauty that comes when we collaborate with others.

“I really think music is the closest thing to magic,” says one person in the comments section of Emilio’s video. “She can move without touching.”

Watch this talented disabled cellist deliver an unforgettable performance with a pianist in the video below.

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