A grandfather had to put his dog to sleep with tears in his eyes because he couldn’t afford the treatment.

When the veterinarian saw the tears on the man’s face and the pain in the dog’s eyes, he did exactly what he had to do… They say happiness cannot be measured with money, but sometimes money decides our fate. An elderly man was struggling to make ends meet, and when the doctors explained the costs of treating his dog, he realized he couldn’t afford it. Besides the doctor, there was also an older man and a dog in the veterinary office. All three were silent; the visitor absentmindedly stroked his dog and sobbed softly. The silence in the office was only broken by the bitter sighs of the man who, unable to bear the thought of parting with his friend, cried softly. Although he didn’t have much experience, veterinarian Andrei Alexandrovich had seen people’s reactions who had to put their pets to sleep more than once. The doctor understood that a pet becomes a friend and viewed his visitors’ tears as a completely natural reaction. Yet, this case seemed to him as something very special.

The doctor remembered that a man and his dog had visited him for the first time three days ago. The man was older and didn’t speak much; his dog Naida, a nine-year-old mixed breed, hadn’t gotten up for several days. The man was alarmed by the behavior of the animal and brought the dog for an emergency visit. In conversation with the veterinarian, the man said that Nayda was the only living soul left to him. An examination revealed that the dog was suffering from a severe infection and needed urgent treatment, but the medications and procedures were expensive. If the dog wasn’t treated, the infection would continue to spread, leading to a severe and painful death for the animal. The doctor presented the man with an alternative: treatment or euthanasia to spare the dog pain and suffering. Andrei made his offer very dryly, without thinking about how his words would be received by the visitor.

Following the doctor’s judgment, the man placed money, a few crumpled bills, on the table, took the dog trembling in his hand, and left. Three days later, the man and his friend stood again at the clinic’s door: «I’m sorry, I could only find the money to put her to sleep so she wouldn’t suffer,» the man said, without raising his gaze from the ground. In the office, the man asked for a few minutes to say goodbye to his friend. Andrei Alexandrovich watched the pain of separation of this couple and felt keenly the injustice prevailing in the world. Sometimes people who have money don’t appreciate life, neither their own nor others’ or animals’. This old man and his dog showed feelings that cannot be bought with money, but because of the lack of money, they had to say goodbye. The doctor couldn’t hold back his emotions, approached the man, placed his hand on his shoulder, and promised: «I will heal Naida, without money, I will help her at my expense.» Naida is not old yet; she should spend a few more years with you. The old man sobbed softly. In just seven days, Naida was able to walk on her own and even run. Thanks to an infusion and the right treatment, she managed to overcome the illness quickly. The veterinarian was very pleased with his work. Perhaps he hadn’t performed the most important good deeds, but he had managed to give the old man and his dog faith in people and hope for a better future.

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