She wasn’t afraid… The 80-year-old woman heard her new little dog crying around 6:30 PM and then went outside to see what had happened.

An 80-year-old woman from Lennox Head, Australia, became a heroine when she saved her dog from the clutches of a carpet python. Driven by her dog’s cries, she rushed over and discovered the python wrapped around her pet. Despite being bitten by the snake three times during the incident, she managed to rescue her dog. The woman’s daughter shared this remarkable story online, describing her mother as «incredible.»

A photo showed her inspecting her bitten arm while holding the snake by its tail. Australians praised her courage and resilience, affectionately calling her a «legend» and a «fighter.» Despite well-meaning advice from concerned citizens to see a doctor about the snake bites, the woman decided not to, driven by her deep love for her dog.

Although wildlife guidelines advise against interacting with or handling wild snakes without authorization, carpet pythons are known for their strong bites. Experts recognized the urgency of the situation and praised the woman’s bravery, acknowledging that her actions were motivated by her commitment to saving her beloved pet.

Although technically she had violated wildlife guidelines, the woman’s tough decision earned her the recognition of a snake specialist, who praised her determination. Despite the potential risks, her absolute priority remained the safety of her beloved dog.

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