For the best rendition of “Hallelujah”, this young man deserves to win the “golden buzzer”

Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be famous. I imagined myself acting on the red carpet or receiving my golden trophy on stage. It even occurred to me to be a singer, but I soon realized that wasn’t my thing.

I like to watch other people chasing glory, like the contestants on Britain’s Got Talent.In fact, when each contestant takes to the stage and shows off their talent, they tell us all about their personal journey.

I’d like to stress that each of these people deserves their place on the platform.Today, you’ll discover the story of a boy who overcame the feeling that he didn’t measure up by winning everyone’s heart despite being teased for his love of music and his size.

Kyle Tomlinson, a 15-year-old from Sheffield, England, is passionate about singing. In fact, he first auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent at the age of 12.

At the time, he wasn’t lucky enough to get through to the second round, so David Walliams advised him to take singing lessons to improve his skills.

The young man took David’s advice and returned to the BGT stage three years later, having spent over £2,000 on singing lessons.

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