Warning: don’t touch them if you see them on your plants

Do you know where you’ll always find me? In my garden. I love gardening. There’s something incredibly rewarding about tending plants, watching them grow and seeing the hard work come to life.

But let’s be honest: it can be very difficult. One of the biggest challenges is pest control.Sometimes you don’t even know which pests are beneficial and which will destroy everything you’ve worked so hard for.

I recently saw a photo on social media that perfectly illustrates this confusion. The first time I saw it, it scared me. The photo showed a sheet of paper covered in tiny, intricate black geometric shapes.At first glance, it looked as if the leaf was covered with some kind of alien lattice or even a strange disease.

Many people, including myself, wondered what it could be.Once they’ve grown, caterpillars find a safe place to pupate. They weave a chrysalis, which is like a little sleeping bag where they undergo their transformation.

This phase can last from a few weeks to several months, depending on the weather and the time of year.One of the most interesting aspects of weeping clover butterflies is their behavior.

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