My mother-in-law called and told me the shocking truth about my husband

Abbie’s world is turned upside down when her husband disappears without a trace, leaving behind only an enigmatic note. A few days later, a call from her mother-in-law reveals a shocking secret that shakes Abbie to her core. Where is Matthew?

“Matthew? This isn’t funny, where are you?” I called, expecting to hear her voice coming from another room.
But the house was silent except for the faint hum of the refrigerator.

Then I called her mother. “Hi, it’s Abbie, have you heard from Matthew?”.
“No, honey,” Claire replied. “Everything okay?”

“Ma’am, with the note he left, we can’t initiate a search,” the officer said.
One day I got a call from my mother-in-law.“If you want to know the truth, promise me you won’t tell Matthew anything,” she said during the FaceTime call, breaking the silence in the room.]

I was horrified.

“Matthew told me not to tell you anything, Abbie,” he continued. “Your mistress had nowhere to go, so he brought you here. He plans to spend the money from your joint account on renting them an apartment. She told me she was going to divorce you and stay with her lover. She’s…barely 19.”

I felt as if the ground had shifted beneath my feet.

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