When her parents surprise her with a dog, the young girl bursts into tears

The parents of this young girl decided to give her the dog she had been dreaming of for a long time. She cried tears of happiness.

Bella, a kind and insightful young woman, had been begging her parents for a pet for years.

Despite the fact that her family already had a huge and beautiful rescue dog, the little girl insisted on having a puppy.

Bella’s family wasn’t sure what to do, but they decided to spoil her with a lovely surprise since the young girl had recently gone through some difficulties of her own.

Considering her young age, her parents felt that having a pet as a friend would be beneficial for her development and would bring her great joy.

Bella’s father surprised her by pretending to have some of her stuffed animals as a gift for her. When he introduced the second one to the little girl, he gave her a brand new best friend, Ariya, and she couldn’t stop crying.

Jennie and her daughter were delighted to meet their daughter’s new pet.

Since Ariya entered Bella’s life, she hasn’t left her pet’s side. She sincerely thanks her parents for her new friend and expresses her happiness.

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