A little girl born with a birthmark on her face: She is called «ugly» and «deficient.»

A little girl who was mocked for her appearance, called «ugly» and a «blemish». On May 6, 2018, Marianna Bowering gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Angelica. She was born with a heart-shaped port-wine stain covering her face, especially her forehead, eyes, nose, and chin. Unfortunately, this unique feature led to severe criticism both in public and on social media.

Marianna and her partner welcomed their daughter Angelica on May 6, 2018. The child was born with a port-wine stain covering her face, including her forehead, eyes, nose, and chin. The young parents viewed this unusual heart-shaped birthmark on their daughter’s face as a special characteristic and a unique addition to her beauty, but not everyone agreed. In fact, Angelica faced harsh criticism in public and on social media due to her distinctive appearance. She was even called «ugly» and a «blemish». Angelica’s mother, a resident of Adelaide, South Australia, explained that some people also claimed her «ugly child» would never find a life partner.

Faced with these hateful and hurtful comments that continued to pour in, the beauty expert created an Instagram account to raise awareness and show that her daughter’s uniqueness should be celebrated, not criticized or hidden. «This is Angelica’s superhero mask. She wears her heart on her face,» the mother wrote on social media, emphasizing that her daughter is much more than the birthmark on her face. Marianna also showed solidarity with her adorable child by mimicking her daughter’s port-wine stain on her own face. Over time, Angelica has grown into a lovely little girl, and her photos brighten social media. Today, the charming little girl is five years old and proud to be the big sister to Louka.

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