«An incredible transformation… People were very surprised when they talked about how much the homeless man had changed after he parted ways with his long beard and dirty hair.»

«A homeless man walked into a hair salon and left like a Hollywood star! 😱 He just wanted to get a razor, but instead his life completely changed and he became unrecognizable 👏💘 Check this out 👇👇👇 Often, people who want to radically change their lives don’t know where to start. Psychologists recommend starting with changing one’s appearance. João Coelho Guimarães fell into a difficult financial situation and became homeless. He lived on the street and had no way to take care of himself. One day, he decided to go to a hair salon and ask for a razor.

To his great surprise, the salon owner turned out to be an extremely kind person who not only decided to help the man, but also completely transformed him. A skilled hairdresser responded to the request that the person needed not just a razor, but a whole range of services. He also explained that he was willing to do everything for free just to make the unfortunate man happy. In the mirror, he saw a completely different person. A new hairstyle, trimming the mustache and beard changed the homeless man so much that he was barely recognizable.

It took just a few hours to give him a complete makeover. The salon staff were shocked by the owner’s behavior. Before and after photos were shared on social media and attracted attention. Then a real miracle happened. By chance, his sister heard about this story. She was amazed that he had become homeless. By chance, the man found his family again in the beauty salon.»

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