Your interpretation of «All of Me» is a magical duo by John Legend and Lindsey Stirling.

The American singer-songwriter John Legend teamed up with YouTube violinist Lindsey Stirling in 2014 to create a truly enchanting performance of his most popular song, «All of Me,» enhancing its already powerful interpretation. As they performed live at the Kennedy Center, showcasing one of their favorite love songs, Legend and Stirling offered fans an unforgettable evening.

Among the musical offerings of the day, «All of Me» stands out as one of the most heartfelt love songs. In it, two people proclaim their love without expecting anything in return, accepting each other as they are and forging a sacred connection. Many people use the song to express how deeply they love their partners, and it’s considered one of the greatest love songs of all time. You can watch this magnificent interpretation in the video below.

It’s immediately evident that this performance will go down in history! At the end of his performance, John Legend joyfully asks the audience, «Is it okay if I play one more song?» They didn’t know they were about to witness a truly unique interpretation of «All of Me,» where Legend and Stirling, whose respective musical approaches perfectly harmonized, took center stage.

John Legend is a renowned pianist, singer, and songwriter from the USA. His hit song «All of Me» from 2013 propelled him to fame. Originally from Legend’s fourth studio album, «Love in the Future,» this song marked the beginning of his rapid rise to stardom, though he had significant success before its release. Most of his work with famous musicians was done behind the scenes, doing tasks such as aftercare

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