«The Voice Kids: Two young participants SURPRISE with an incredible performance. The judges were thrilled.»

At singing competitions, experts tend to have higher expectations for participants compared to the average fan. Despite the singers’ outstanding performances, this can create the impression that the judges are too strict. However, sometimes a new talent emerges that surprises both the judges and the audience alike. This year, sisters Josefin and Mimi showcased remarkable brilliance on the German show «The Voice Kids.»

During their Blind Audition, these sisters displayed their extraordinary talents with a piano rendition of Radiohead’s «Creep.» Their stunning interpretation of the 90s hit, sung in perfect English, amazed the audience. Some even claim their version surpassed the original. Judges Lena Meyer-Landrut and Stefanie Kloß were visibly impressed right from the start.

Boss Burns and Hoss Power, a dynamic duo from BossHoss, along with Mark Forster, joined shortly after and were captivated by the sound. The judges were overwhelmed by the song’s closing sequence. The sisters’ harmony, intensity, and dramatic performance were almost too much to handle. The judges demanded an encore, which Mimi and Josefin happily provided. They received a standing ovation afterward.

Everyone in the audience could relate to Lena’s feigned fainting spell during the second performance. Even experts can be surprised by the talent of the sisters, leaving an indelible impression.

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