After 13 years, a woman discovers a lost engagement ring wrapped around a carrot.

In a heartwarming story from 2017, Mary Grams from Alberta, Canada, rediscovered her long-lost engagement ring wrapped around a carrot in her garden. This incredible discovery occurred nearly 13 years after Mary had given up hope of ever seeing her beloved ring again. Mary had lost her engagement ring in 2004 while weeding on the family farm. She searched tirelessly for days but couldn’t find it anywhere.

Little did she know, fate had something special in store for her. The discovery was made by Mary’s daughter-in-law, who picked an unusually shaped carrot in the garden. To everyone’s surprise, Mary’s engagement ring was tightly wrapped around the carrot’s root. It was a moment of pure joy and disbelief for Mary and her family.

Mary recounted the day she lost the ring, saying, «I went to the garden for something and I saw these tall weeds. For some reason, I yanked on it, and it must have got caught and [pulled] off [the ring].» She had been wearing the ring since 1951, a year before she married her husband Norman. Despite her efforts to find it again, they couldn’t locate the ring and assumed it was lost forever. To avoid upsetting her husband, Mary kept this loss a secret and bought a similar ring. «I didn’t tell him, even, because I thought for sure he’d give me heck or something,» she explained.

It became a small sentimental secret she carried for over 13 years. Even after Mary and her family had left the farm, they continued to tend to the garden that had been part of their family for over 105 years. When Mary’s daughter-in-law Colleen Daley found the ring, she immediately knew it must belong to her grandmother or mother-in-law. After showing it to her husband, he confirmed it was Mary’s long-lost engagement ring. The way the ring had wrapped around the carrot was fascinating and unique. Daley described it as «pretty weird» and «pretty neat.»

It was an extraordinary sight and a testament to the power of nature. Mary was overjoyed to have her engagement ring back in her possession after all those years. She plans to proudly wear it on her finger and cherish the memories it represents. Though her husband passed away over five years ago, this incredible discovery reminds her of the precious memories of their 60 years of marriage. This heartwarming story serves as a reminder that sometimes, against all odds, lost treasures can find their way back to us. Like Mary, we should never lose hope and always believe in the power of love and serendipity.

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