The charming father Joseph Whelan performs «Whole Lotta Love,» a classic by Led Zeppelin, on X Factor.

Joseph Whelan, the charming father, delivered a rocking interpretation of Led Zeppelin’s classic «Whole Lotta Love» on X Factor Global, a performance that the audience will never forget. Even before he spoke a word, the tattoos of the 26-year-old tool salesman made him popular among female viewers, making it difficult for the judges to hear over the loud screams. Whelan may have looked good, but he had much more to offer than just his appearance; he could rock like no other. Whelan brought the perfect blend of gritty intensity and a hint of singing to Robert Plant’s famously difficult screams to hit. The roof lifted as his scream kicked in during the chorus, and the judges couldn’t help but exchange impressed looks.

His X Factor Global audition has been viewed 50 million times, making it one of the platform’s most popular videos. Hailing from Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, Whelan brought his four-year-old son Kian to the audition and explained that the young footballer was his world. «Naturally, I want to be a musician, but I also want to do the best for my son, and I feel a lot of it relies on that,» he added. «I pray he’s proud of his dad.» The judges heard him say, «I’ve been in bands for about ten years and wanted to try it on my own,» before he started singing. When he spoke of little Kian and his desire to «do his best for him and give him the best possible life,» he earned many «awws» from the audience.

During his audition for X Factor UK, with an acoustic interpretation of Bon Jovi’s «Always,» Whelan showed a new side of his personality and talent as a guitarist. See him below. Joseph Whelan sings «Always» by Bon Jovi — Room Auditions Week 4 — The X Factor 2013.

Whelan concluded his flawless performance of «Whole Lotta Love,» and judge Tulisa quietly said, «Wow.» Once the applause settled, she said, «Joseph, oh my God, what a voice, what a tone you have.» She then teased judge Gary Barlow, saying, «Gary is going to start getting jealous because you’re stealing all the ladies’ attention.»

«That was an absolutely outstanding audition,» added Louis Walsh. «You’re incredibly talented; your rock voice is authentic.» «That was absolutely brilliant,» remarked Barlow, comparing Whelan’s friendly introduction with his untamed rock roar. «I thought it was fantastic; what a wonderful voice.» After the judges’ praise, Whelan went home with four positive votes.

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