A plus-size influencer says that airlines should welcome people like her.

Emily Jones, a well-known plus-size travel influencer, has spoken out about the need for the travel industry to better accommodate larger passengers. Emily frequently travels between Malta, the UK, and Helsinki, using her platform to share ideas on how airlines and hotels can become more inclusive to provide a comfortable experience for all travelers, regardless of their size.

Mrs. Jones’s call is part of a broader movement to promote inclusivity in the travel sector. On her Instagram account @miss__jones, she documents her adventures and encourages people of all sizes and shapes to explore the world. «I want to promote easy travel for people of every size and shape—and make them feel like they deserve to discover the world like everyone else,» she says. She hopes that travel media will represent plus-size individuals and create a safe and welcoming space for everyone. One of the main changes Jones suggests to airlines is to announce the availability of seat belt extenders during the boarding process.

She explains that, based on her experiences and the feedback she receives online, the need for a seat belt extender is a major concern for larger travelers. «To see this issue destigmatized so that people can travel comfortably and without additional fears would be a dream come true,» she shares. Mrs. Jones also emphasizes the overall lack of comfort in airplane seats for larger passengers. She advocates for more spacious seats or, at the very least, additional cushions and adjustable armrests. These adjustments would provide a more comfortable journey for all passengers, regardless of their size.

In addition to air travel, Mrs. Jones highlights the need to improve conditions in hotels. She suggests that hotel groups offer larger towels and bathrobes, noting that these simple changes could significantly enhance the comfort and sense of welcome for larger guests. While Mrs. Jones acknowledges the challenges faced by large travelers, she shares her positive experiences as well. She particularly praises the Seychelles in Africa as one of the most inclusive places she has visited, providing a warm and welcoming environment for larger tourists.

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