The couple, who are 30 years apart in age, are expecting a baby: Larry and Mindy are being criticized by internet users.

We are familiar with expressions like «love knows no age» and «feelings know no boundaries» by heart. It’s an honest concept because it doesn’t confine something as random as emotions to predetermined patterns. That’s precisely why we should never allow ourselves to judge when a relationship exhibits aspects that don’t conform to our understanding of love. We must remain tolerant and kind towards different perspectives.

The protagonists of this story are caught in this relentless battle. They are criticized because of their age difference. They are the target of accusatory messages and criticism regarding their decision. Larry and Mindy are like two peas in a pod. Thirty years separate them, an age gap they fully accept despite the criticism it attracts. The couple, expecting a child soon, has been labeled as selfish by some internet users.

Most notably, these critics claim that the couple won’t care for their child. They argue that the child will have a father who is too old, or that due to his age, he may leave the world forever and leave the child alone. Discouraging words that have disappointed the couple, but they remain determined and steadfast in their plans. The woman also assures that she always has people by her side supporting and empowering her online.

Initially, it was difficult for her to overcome all these negative comments, but gradually she began to take them in stride. The rejection of internet users towards the birth of the baby intensifies criticism of the age difference. It’s always heartening to see how lovers respond and confront such external accusations. It suffices to say that one should not meddle in the affairs of others and that everyone is the master of their own destiny. The rest are often views that are hard to accept.

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