When her boss saw her working with her son, he photographed her.

Motherhood is simultaneously one of the most beautiful and one of the most complex aspects of life. It’s not just an idyllic dream where women find fulfillment, as portrayed everywhere. It consists of indescribable happiness but also takes us through challenging moments. Motherhood is a miracle, and every mother knows this. Despite the joy and fulfillment it brings, modern mothers certainly have to balance household chores and paid work outside the home to meet their family’s financial needs.

Despite the growing awareness of the need to balance work and personal life, there are still relatively few workplaces that allow mothers to work without sacrificing their parental responsibilities. Mélodie Jet Blackwell paused to weigh her baby and relax in her office chair. Mélodie brought her baby to work, where her boss immediately took a photo that spread widely. The happy mom can bring her newborn Nora-Yo to work.

Mélodie’s boss is so kind that he not only allows her to work from home most of the time but also lets her bring her baby on the few days she has to go into the office, giving her all the time she needs to care for the child and do her work.

Her example is great. The mother of the child added, «I know not all workplaces and work situations are suitable for children and newborns, but I believe many places can be better adapted than they are today.»

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