«I didn’t expect this… My six-year-old son keeps saying that a ghost is following him. But what I quickly found out was even worse.»

My six-year-old son wouldn’t stop saying that a ghost was following him: But what I quickly discovered was even worse.

Hudson’s mother, Emma, installed a baby monitor after her six-year-old son complained about a «ghost» following him around the house. Emma was very concerned and sought an explanation.

In addition to uncovering a long-held family secret, what she saw on the video led to a surprising journey of understanding and reconciliation.

Hello everyone. My name is Emma, a mother trying to navigate through the often turbulent waters of parenthood. Lately, I’ve been particularly worried about my six-year-old son, Hudson. He’s been behaving strangely, showing signs of fear, stuttering, and talking a lot about a ghost following him.

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