Marvel at the Olympic performance that combines figure skating and heavy metal.

Elegance meets Heavy Metal! Oona and Gage Brown, ice dancers from the US National Team, demonstrate their incredible talents here. Their fantastic camerawork truly showcases their expertise. The following video was recorded in 2020 at the Bryant Park Winter Village ice rink in New York during an ice dance event. Gage and Oona Brown, bronze medalists for the USA in 2019, form part of the Olympic dance team.

The family comprises seven children in total who make up the Olympic dance team. They joined the US National Team in 2018 and 2019, placing eighth and ninth in the Junior Grand Prix. Inspired by their older sister starting skating lessons in 2009, both Oona and Gage decided to give it a try. Gage began at the age of seven, following in his older sister’s footsteps.

Oona, on the other hand, «scratched» her way onto the ice rink at the age of five, refusing any help or to come down, as described by their mother in her first year. Oona Brown and Gage Brown — US Championships 2020 — Junior Freedance. Initially, Oona and Gage tried solo dance, which eventually led to the formation of their sibling duo.

Both admitted that performing solo was extremely nerve-wracking; however, they both feel much more comfortable and confident performing together at concerts.

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