«Pregnant and forced to kneel on an airplane – the shocking reason behind it»

Kayla wept over the recent loss of her grandmother and returned home after the funeral, unaware of the nightmare awaiting her on the plane. Kayla was mistaken for someone else and had to rely on her wits to overcome the difficulties she found herself in. Exhausted from days of mourning, all I wanted was to curl up in my own bed.

Six months pregnant and emotionally drained from my grandmother’s funeral, I needed rest. The funeral was tough, a heartbreaking farewell to a woman who had been my rock my entire life. «Are you sure you want to leave today?» my mother asked as I packed my suitcase. «You could wait a few days to process the loss.» A flight attendant forced me to kneel on the plane, even though I was pregnant – her reason left me shocked. I sadly smiled at her. «I know, but I need to get back to work and to Colin. You know, my husband barely manages without me.» «It’s probably good for you to return to your comfort zone,» she said.

«But your father and I are staying here until the end of the week to sort out your grandmother’s house and take care of everything that needs to be done. I know Dad is looking forward to coming home.» «I just wish Grandma could be here to see the baby,» I said, rubbing my belly. «That’s something I’ve wanted from the beginning.» «I know, dear,» my mother said. «I wish you and your grandmother could have experienced this moment, but at least you were there when she needed you most.» I hated flying because I didn’t like waiting at airports, but it was easier than the long car ride home.

I couldn’t stand a twelve-hour drive because of my constantly urgent bladder. Finally, I boarded the plane and was ready to return to my husband. «I’ll take that, ma’am,» said a flight attendant, taking my bag. «Thank you,» I replied, leaning back in my seat. My body ached from exhaustion. «Oh, I hate flying,» said the woman next to me. «It’s the worst. But I hate driving too. I should have stayed home.» I chuckled because I completely agreed with her.

The turbulence made me restless and anxious, as if I was losing control with every jolt. As I sat there, ready for takeoff, I felt someone watching me. When I turned around, I noticed a man a few rows back staring at me intently. His gaze was unsettling, but I chalked it up to him judging a pregnant woman for traveling. The hum of the engines turned into a comforting background noise as the plane began to ascend. «Finally,» said the woman next to me. «Let’s head home.» Little did I know, a nightmare awaited. Ten minutes after takeoff, a flight attendant approached me with a serious expression. «Excuse me, ma’am.»

«Would you please come with me?» she asked urgently. Reluctantly, I unbuckled and followed her to an area near the toilets. Her demeanor changed instantly. «You need to kneel down immediately!» she ordered, nodding to someone I couldn’t see. «What? Why? What’s happening?» I exclaimed, completely shocked. «Now,» she simply said. Shocked and confused, I obeyed. As I knelt down, I didn’t understand what was going on. I hadn’t done anything wrong. The man who had been watching me earlier approached. «Where’s the golden necklace you stole?» he asked threateningly. «What are you talking about? I didn’t steal anything! I’m coming from my grandmother’s funeral!» I protested. He laughed and pulled out a collection of photos and documents. «You were at the museum two days ago when the exhibition was moved to the hotel. You were in the hotel lobby where the necklace disappeared. We’ve been tracking you until this flight after you fled from the hotel.» I looked at the photos. They were blurry, but showed a striking resemblance, although there were clear differences. «Look,» I said, pointing to my wrist.

«The woman in these photos has a tattoo or scar on her wrist. Look! I have nothing like that!» The flight attendant forced me to kneel on the plane, even though I was pregnant – her reason left me shocked. The man examined my wrists, roughly pulling them with his icy hands. «See? No tattoos. No scars. Nothing. You have the wrong person!» I insisted. «And I’m pregnant!» I exclaimed. «This isn’t the woman in the photos!» Suddenly, a wave of fear for my baby washed over me. Amidst all the chaos, my baby had been calm. «But it could be a disguise,» he replied, not entirely convinced. I wondered if the police would be waiting for me at the airport and if I could get out of this situation. I just wanted to get home to Colin.

As if the thought of my husband had awakened the baby, a sudden kick to my stomach prompted me to act impulsively. Without thinking, I took the man’s hand and placed it on my belly. «No, you can’t fake this,» I said. He sighed, visibly relieved but also very embarrassed. «I’m really sorry. You look so much like her. I was convinced we were on the right track. I’ll have to wait until we land to sort this out.» «Listen, I understand,» I said. «But I’m not her. I’m just trying to get home,» I said, feeling calmer as I tried to stand up. Then the nightmare took a darker turn.

The flight attendant pulled out a gun. «Enough! Both of you, hands behind your backs!» she said. She reached into her bag, pulled out zip ties, and tied the man’s hands behind him first. «You’re not as dumb as you look,» she said to him. «You were right to follow me onto the plane. But you had the wrong person in mind.» Another wave of fear for my baby prompted me to act. With her back turned to me, I saw an opportunity and kicked as hard as I could. She stumbled, fell, and dropped her gun.

Distracted, she hadn’t finished tying the man’s hands, so he lunged at her. I refused

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