A grandfather had to put his dog to sleep with tears in his eyes because he couldn’t afford the treatment.
When the veterinarian saw the tears on the man’s face and the pain in the dog’s eyes, he did exactly what he had to do… They say happiness
When the foxes ran to the yard of someone they got new friends there
The owner of the yard Simon Mead is over 50 he has anusual animals and likes them but has health problems. He worked as a fitter but after
The little kitten cried and begged in order to have mother nobody payed attention to her
The little kitten cried in order to have mother she did not have a family and one good family took him to their house temporarily . They wanted
«Do you wanna to live with me » the girl answered to the little dog slipping in the street
It was unanswered question why was that snow white dog in the street.It was sure that he had anytime an owner but now he is in the park.
The cat saw a little bird and dragged it to the two pensioners house to help it
This is a very unhappy story and very good example for the people who do not want to help any animal in bad condition. The two old people
A friend in need is a friend indeed .The cat helped the dog and they became good and unsepearable friends
It happened so that the cat Lill and the dog Chikky had been given to the shelter at the same time. The cat was very active and very
The pet whose owner died three years ago stayed near the grave of his those three years
This story is about the frankness and the betraying of our best friends that are pets.When the owner of this pet died he did not have a place
The man warmed the frozen cat who was a very strange animal
This story happened with a man named Makhab his son Alister and son’s friend peter.they were walking in the park of Kengorm and noticed the cat who was
The dog started blowing up and the owner could not find the reason
The owner Fren Jeniks thought that his pet started get a weight but did not know why Few times lago it was a very beautiful dog but it
Eight years missing dog is found and reunited with his loving family – the longest reunion ever
A devastating thing that can happen with pet owners is losing their animals. Sometimes it requires months and even years to find lost pets. However, we should think